What are the special features in slot machine games? 

The entertainment business always tries to avoid stagnation, so there’s a need to try and improve things. Casino games, slot machines not excluded, also benefit from developing new and exciting ways to attract new players. An excellent way to do it is to introduce stimulating special features. 

When deciding to give slot machines a try, it could take you a while to find the perfect game for you. That is why people often start with free casino bonuses. It’s also great, however, to make the correct initial decision and pick the right slot, but this will require some consideration on your part. Among other things, you will have to choose the type of game. There are 3-reel slots that are closer to the traditional old-school fruit machines, and 5-reel slots that offer more serious play. Some variations are also possible, including 3D graphics and integrated high-quality movie clips to mix things up a bit. Those are often used to emphasize the transition to a bonus round or to highlight some other special features. They are widespread and quite entertaining addition in modern slot machines. 

Generally triggered after a win, a bonus game is an exciting feature that everybody wants to unlock. That’s mostly because it offers a unique opportunity to win extra money in a fun and exciting way. There’s a variety of bonus games that can show up in your slot machine, but most of them belong to one of the three categories: Press Stop, Pick n Click or Watch It Happen. They can be simple, appear randomly, others can be complexed, and require more participation from a player. But they usually are simply entertaining.  

Many a time when you win big in a slot game, it has something to do with Wilds. Those are the special symbols that can substitute almost every other symbol. You can encounter many variations of those. There are sometimes Expanding Wilds, spreading across the whole reel, Sticky Wilds that stay in their places for the duration of one or more re-spins, or Transferring Wilds that move from one place to another to give you even better chance to win more. 

Finally, it is worth to mention one last special feature known under the self-explanatory name Free Spins. A round of free spins is usually triggered by the Scatter symbols that often pay the most. The best thing about them is that players don’t have to spend their credits while the machine spins. Sometimes, those spins come with a multiplayer that makes it all the more fun.