When there are concerns on whether a person should try to engage in some gambling activity, there is always a piece of uncertainty related to financial risks, which is backed by an addiction in some particular cases. No Deposit Bonuses that are promoted by casino sites tend to boost up new players’ acquisition, which at the same time give the people who are affected by uncertainty a chance to engage in real time gambling without any risks associated with financial state. You may also find a great overview of no deposit bonuses on Casinomir.

No Deposit Bonus is mainly for New Comers!

From the first point of view this is somewhat attractive, as newcomers receive a friendly welcome from casinos. Moreover, to that, they feel that they are open to the experience that initially seemed to be in a “dark zone” for them. Believe it or not, but players that tempt to admire no deposit bonuses are into analysing certain casino specs in more detail afterwards in comparison to players who are defined as high-rollers. Due to the fact that no deposit players want to play as much as possible for free, their curiosity leads them to study the main aspects that impact their further gambling experience, like jurisdiction and the way they differentiate between each other, wagering requirements, game providers (and those who offer the most interesting promos). By viewing the no deposit bonuses concept from this angle, it may be concluded that no deposit bonuses is a price casino provider pays to acquire a long-term player, who may even convert to an experienced high-roller in the end. Of course there may be drawbacks in terms of people getting more into studying on how to cheat a casino provider in the end and get more n deposit bonuses than they initially deserved. This, however, is the risk casino provider has to bear in mind, when customizing the no deposit offer for a certain geo.

Is it a good way to retain players?

From the second point of view, some casino providers see it as a very expensive way to acquire new players and somewhat ineffective considering the resources they would need in order to approve a no deposit bonus launch. Currently, there is an increasing number of bonus seekers, whose main intension is to search for no deposit bonusesand try them for once without coming back. This definitely negatively effects the players’ retention, which in the end may lead to financial instability of specific casino brand. Thus, in most of the cases new casino brands that are not owned by any other bigger group tend to avoid no deposit offers due to their adverse effect on financial state. In contrast to that, the brands that are present on the market for a relatively long term or are owned by a bigger company tend to have a significant budget to carry out the no deposit offers in the way they should be offered (these offers should be valid on popular games with realistic wagering requirements and fast pay-outs).

How to find best no deposit offers?

One of the most effective way to find the best no deposit offer is to surf through the popular gaming portals, as most usually these portals are granted with exclusive offers they can promote to their players, which is done via tracking link found directly on the site of that specific gambling portal or via a certain bonus code, which is provided by a casino operator.Moreover to that, gambling portals do care about the players that visit their site because this directly impacts their traffic. Thus they always take care about the feasibility of the bonus offers that are published on their sites and if the casino provider has a bad reputation or is suspected in payment issues, their no deposit bonus offers would be blocked in the end.

Things Players should know

There are also few aspects players should be concerned about when opting for no deposit bonuses. There are two types of no deposit bonuses– cashable and non-cashable. When player intends to play with a fully cashable bonus, it means that he is rightful to claim his winning that are aligned with the maximum withdrawal limits of the specific casino provider. The withdrawal in this case may be claimed only in case the player did meet the wagering requirements described inside the terms & conditions. The less the wagering requirements are, the less effort is required from a player to claim the cash withdrawal. Thus, we emphasized the importance of the adjacent aspects like wagering requirements earlier in this article, when it concerns the search of the no deposit bonus promotion. For example, let us take the scenario when we opt for a £50 Cashable No Deposit Bonus with the wagering requirements of x30. The first part of the bonus may seem quite obvious and attractive, whereas the part related to wagering requirement is usually ignored (which should not be the case for the players who would like to maximise their winnings). In fact, in this particular case the bonus must be wagered at least 30 times (or the cashable value should reach £1500 (30 * 50) ) for the player to be able to withdraw the winnings granted by a no deposit offer. The same concept is applied to free spins promos. This also leads us to a conclusion that sometimes humbler no deposit offers may lead to a greater and more realistic winnings compared to their high-value-on-paper alternatives.

Going deeper into wagering requirements topic, it was discovered that players are usually more positive into opting/playing at casinos whose main no deposit offer is quite humble, whereas wagering requirement is set at significantly lower level. This trend is seen to improve from year to year, which tells us that the casino players, who are searching for free casino money are becoming well educated and do not run for the “loud and big” advertisements. They would rather opt for a casino promotion, which is more realistic in terms of providing the cashable financial value for the player. Currently, the best wagering requirements for the no deposit offers varies around x20 – x35 times, hence offers that may seem to be more attractive may have wagering requirements of x50 or x70 times, which dramatically decreases their financial reliability. Again, you should be aware that the casinos acting under different jurisdiction or serving different markets may have different wagering requirements constraints, which requires them to impose some specific limits on their promotional offers. Based on our experience, it is quite often when the casinos that serve only one or two specifics geos have one of the best no deposit offers with the best wagering requirements. These casinos and offers are not that easy to find, hence we recommend to review the geo-targeted gambling portals, which may always have the right bonus in the right place personalized towards your location’s preferences.

Non-cashable no deposit offers are unfortunately less attractive for the players, as they do not offer the cash out of the real money. In real life however, the overwhelming majority of no deposit offers are non-cashable, which again leads us to the fact that in order to find the best no deposit deal, the player should serve the best gambling portals that offer exclusive offers and which should be the best fit for the no deposit bonus seekers. Usually the main aspect that differentiates cashable from non-cashable no deposit offer is its value. Cashable offers tend to be always low in terms of financial gain they provide (like £5 or £10), whereas non-cashable offers may reach the value of 100 points (either real life currency or free spins).


In conclusion to the above, we would like to point out one of the most important aspects of no deposit offers and how they should be treated if a player tends to have a successful gambling experience. As outlined earlier, the player should always study the aspects other than the no deposit value and be able to define, if the bonus is cashable or not. If the above criteria is met successfully, the player should read the reviews about that casino provider in order to be sure that the site he is about to play at has not been suspected in unethical business behaviour, otherwise there is a huge risk in being negatively impacted by the payment withdrawal issues. Moreover to that, if the player has chosen a path of studying the review of the particular casino brand he is interested in, it is highly recommended to visit gambling portals as usually casino providers do grand these site exclusive offers that can be given to the players registered from that particular gambling portal. This, again, helps to filter out bad brands from good brands, as the casino providers, who were witnessed at unethical attitude would be blacklisted in that particular gambling portal, as no gambling portal would like to risk their reputation which can lead up to a loss of numerous players.